The Botanical Doula was born from my desire to serve the growing number of  Medical Marijuana Program participants that I have met who, like myself, had been given no direction as far as utilizing their medicine properly. I am certified through The Functional Cannabis Coaching Institute and a graduate of the Cannabis Training University, as well as a graduate of Thomas Edison State University . I am an participant in the NJ MMP, as well as a mother and an active community member in the small town where I live.

My goal is to be the advocate for care that my clients have been missing. I am at once a researcher, a guide, an interpreter, a caregiver and a teacher. Much like a birth doula, my work is focused on getting the needs of the client met in a way that feels authentic and appropriate to them. I am able to work with traditional health care providers to come up with new and innovative solutions to issues that have plagued my clients for some time. I am able to look at a client’s lifestyle in a holistic way, incorporating my understanding of what they eat, how much movement they typically get, the stressors in their lifestyle, the joys in their lifestyle and their personal wellness goals to advocate for the best and safest care that is available to them. It is my hope that in the future, this standard of care becomes the norm and we are able to move from a society of sick care to a society of wellness management.