Why the Botanical Doula?

I provide my clients with the tools, support and accountability to make massive shifts in their health and interactions with the world around them. Within my 12 week program, I work with clients 1:1, using a balanced system that incorporates cannabis medicine, stress reduction techniques, intuitive nutrition and exponential shifts in positivity .

I provide a service that no one else currently offers in the MidAtlantic states. The current MMP systems demand no accountability to healthcare professionals to provide guidance to patients for the functional use of cannabis as medicine. By fully discovering the scope of challenges that my clients face, both physically and emotionally, I am able to assist them in recognizing their optimal dose and titration. This process, coupled with mindset shifts and intuitive health practices, culminates in a total mind-body health makeover. By incorporating my own personal gifts of emotional intuition, common sense efficiency, enthusiastic support and life experience; I will curate an atmosphere of fun and effectiveness without resistance.